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Ajou University, established in 1973 under the motto of "Asia's best university for the 21st century", is a leading research university with 11 colleges in Korea. Located in Suwon, about 30km south of Seoul, Ajou has 14,000 students (9,700 undergraduate, 3,700 graduate, and 500 in other courses). The strength in Ajou's academic programs and research lies in Engineering, IT, BT, NT, Medical Science, Business and International Studies. Ajou is widely recognized for its innovative international programs and strong support for international students and has collaborative partnership with over 322

Facts and Figures

Student & Professor
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  • STUDENT 13,986

    • DOCTORAL 3,642
    • MASTER'S 494

    • PROFESSOR 425
    • Ph.D from USA 00%
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Approximate - Student/ Faculty ratio


Fields & Department
Fields of Excellence
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  • Data Science
  • Moiecular Science & Technology
  • Energy Systems
  • Medical Center
  • Law School
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  • Humanities / Social Sciences
  • Engineering / Information technology
  • Natural Sciences
  • Medical Sciences
Number of Students
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Engineering Core

  • Engineering / Information technology 52%
  • Humanities/Social Sciences 32.3%
  • Medical Sciences 8.3%
  • Natural Sciences 7.3%

⁠Ajou Vision 4.0

In 2018, Ajou Vision 4.0, a 10-year development plan, was announced under the slogan "Change Society with Connecting Minds" to drive changes in the new era represented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ⁠Beyond simple learning, the development of higher education has transformed into training-teaching- learning process, which nurtures talent that creates value. Therefore, Ajou university defined its vision 1.0-3.0 in line with the transformation of higher education and entitled the new vision 4.0. ⁠The Vision sets out 5 strategies for comprehensive innovation in education and research, industry-academia cooperation, and campus culture, etc. The University is making all-out efforts to provide education focused on improving overall student capabilities rather than simply expanding knowledge, to conduct research capitalizing on institutional specialties, to create values shared in society, and to strengthen global competitiveness.


Ajou University’s name bears an ambition to become The best university in Asia in the 21st century when Asia becomes the center of the world Since its foundation, Ajou has pursued the following three virtues as guiding principles: “Respect for Humans”, “Seeking Truth from Fact”, and “One World, One Family”.