College of Pharmacy



The six-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree offered at Ajou College of Pharmacy (ACP) is the highest level of professional education in pharmacy and has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Located just minutes from Ajou University Hospital, ACP offers a dynamic and innovative curriculum designed to help students excel in the pharmacy profession, which has gradually evolved with the paradigm shifted towards patient-centered care. The school provides all ACP students with exciting opportunities to engage in inter-professional education through full-time experiential rotations which are closely associated with the outstanding clinical and academic programs in the School of Medicine. Surrounding the ACP campus are the leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies whose researchers participate in constant collaboration with our faculty members in drug discovery and development. The school is committed to becoming a premier, world-class educational institution for clinical and industrial pharmacy profession by the year 2023 to mark 50 years of education.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ajou College of Pharmacy is to improve health, wellness and quality of life of individuals and communities by educating students, pharmacy practitioners and pharmaceutical researchers. It reflects our commitment to uphold the core values of the Ajou University - respect for humans, seeking truth from fact, one world and one family.

College Goals

1) Equip students with sufficient knowledge and skills to meet the professional standards relating to clinical pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical industry
2) Foster a learning environment where students can pursue their personal development and increase their research capacity
3) Develop students exhibit behaviors and values that are consistent with the trust given to the profession by patients, other healthcare providers and society.
4) Help students build global leadership competencies in health care through commitment to lifelong learning

Ajou Brief History

 Ajou Brief History Table
Mar. 1973 Ajou Engineering College opens
Mar. 1977 The Daewoo Educational Foundation is established
Mar. 1981 Ajou Engineering College is promoted to a comprehensive university.
The Graduate School is established
Mar. 1988 The College of Medicine is established
Sep. 1994 Ajou University Hospital opens
Sep. 1999 Ajou University is selected as a supervising university For the BK21 Project of the Ministry of Education
Sep. 2003 The Chronic Inflammatory Disease Research Center
(Medical Research Center) is established
Nov. 2006 The Emergency Medical Center for the southern Gyeonggi region opens
Mar. 2009 The School of Law opens
Mar. 2011 College of Pharmacy Opens
Mar. 2011 Ajou University is selected for the ACE Project, a national project which supports leading universities in the advancement of undergraduate education (ACE)
Apr. 2012 Ajou University is selected for a national project of building educational competencies for five consecutive years
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