Move-In & Out

Tips for Moving- In/Out

Move-In Procedures

Go to your assigned dorm building → Ring the bell or touch the 안내on the screen to open the gate → Meet a security officer with your Student’s ID card from Ajou University → Get access permission and bedding stuffs → Move into a student room 

Move-Out Procedures

Pack your all stuffs → Fill out the move out note placed at security office window → Submit it to a security officer 

With all moving in and out procedures, please follow inspectors’ directions.

Note: You may check-in after 8:00 in the morning no later than 22:00 at night.

Finding Your Floor
  • a. You need to bring a paper with your room number written on it.
  • b. The room number has ‘4’ digits. e.x) #5123.
  • c. The first number means your building; the second one indicates your floor.
  • For example, #5123 means Hwahong Hall and #5123 menas 1st floor and #5123 means your room number.

Tips for Moving - Out
  1. Rooms must be vacated before 18:00 when checking out. 
  2. Blue blankets, bed sheets, and (pillows-only for International dormitory) that were provided by the dormitory must be returned to the security office by the day when students leave.
  3. Recyclable or reusable things can be taken to the appointed place between the two central entrance doors on the first floor in Hwahong hall or near bathroom on each floors. For example, blankets that students bought, clothes, computer monitors, and so on.
  4. Remove all personal property from the room. We don’t keep your stuffs or have any responsibility for them. After your leaving out, left stuffs will be disposed by cleaning staffs without notice.
  5. Do not take anything that belongs to the dormitory or to other students.
  6. If you need to get return the materials which were stored in the storage because of illegal use in the dormitory, ask to a security officer to get them back. So please contact a security officer before your moving out. After your moving out, the items can be disposed without notice.