Resident Student Council

Article I : The Resident Student Council(Sa-saeng-hoe)
Article II : Name

The official name of this organization shall be Woncheon Dormitory Complex Council, herein referred to as Won-cheon-hak-sa-hoe.

Article III : Membership
  • a. Won-cheon-hak-sa-hoe shall include the President, Vice President, General Affairs Officer, Public Relations Officer, Culture Officer, Sports Officer, Planning Officer, Research Officer, Residential Life Officer and Female Affairs Officer. we will also include representatives of each building and graduate students.
  • b. The president of Won-cheon-hak-sa-hoe shall be elected by vote and the members of committees shall be appointed by the director of dormitory upon advice of the president.
  • c. The members are required as residents over 1 year and conduct academic excellence and bonding with responsibility and leadership.
  • d. The members shall be appointed at the end of 2nd semester.
  • e. The term of members shall be one year.
  • f. The duties of the members shall be as follows.
    1. President:Shall be the official representative of Won-cheon-hak-sa-hoe and be responsible for all executive decisions.
    2. Vice-President:Shall aid the President with his or her duties and act for the president in his or her absence.
    3. General Affairs Officer:Shall be responsible for managing in-house equipment and keep record of meeting and other various agenda.
    4. Culture Officer:Shall be responsible for beautifying the environment, mental activity like recreation, and events
    5. Public Relations Officer:Shall be responsible for all the matters of public relation about activity of The Resident Student Council
    6. Sports Officer:Shall be responsible for managing of gymnasium facilities or health and hygiene
    7. Planning Officer:Shall be responsible for organizing several of events and progress
    8. Research Officer:Shall be responsible for gathering opinions activity through editing and issuing bulletins
    9. Residential Life Officer:Shall be responsible for guiding and managing residents’ daily activities
    10. Female Affairs OfficerShall be representative of female, take charge of females’ affairs and manage of literature
    11. Hall RepresentativeShall take charge of all the matters representing the concerns and ideas of the hall residents
    12. Graduate RepresentativeShall take charge of all the matters representing domestic and international graduate students
  • g. The President shall appoint a small number of committees
  • h. The rules of selecting of residents shall be decided separately
Article IV: Meeting
  • a. Shall be a regular general meeting and a temporary meeting and assembled when over a one thirds majority of the current members are present and the decision will be made by majority.
  • b. A regular general meeting shall be convened by the President at the beginning of the semester and the agenda shall be as follows :
    • Business plan
    • Details about residents’ activity improvement
    • Others
  • c. A temporary meeting shall be decided by President as occasion demands and the agenda shall be as follows :
    • Details about maintaining order of life and beautifying the environment
    • Details about welfare of residents