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Welcome message from Department Head

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저희 아주대학교 공과대학 홈페이지를 방문해주신 모든분들을 진심으로 환영합니다.

I am Hye-young Jang, the Head of the Department of Energy Systems Research at Ajou University.
Welcome to the Department of Energy Systems Research.

Energy is essential for human civilization in the 21st century, and its demand is increasing rapidly around the world.
Fossil fuels, the current main energy source, can trigger problems of finite resources, rapid changes in climate, and environmental pollution while threatening the safety of humankind; the international community has focused on the development of new and renewable technologies that are clean and inexhaustible.
Integrated energy education is essential to achieve this. It covers the entire energy system, such as energy production, distribution/storage, consumption, and recycling, including the development of various materials, devices, and equipment technologies.
Our department has built super-integrated educational approaches and research systems, together with faculty members with outstanding research achievements at an international level.
Furthermore, it has endeavored to foster high-quality professionals for the future society in the 4th Industrial Revolution Era.

I sincerely look forward to having more active interest and participation of students and early-career researchers eager to become experts in sustainable energy systems under the new climate system.

Thank you.