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Academic Calendar

Ajou University Academic Calendar for Exchange Students

2020 Spring Semester
2020 Spring Semester
Spring 2020 Semester
Dormitory Application Jan 13 - 17
Course registration Feb 18 - 19
Dormitory Opening Mar 13
Semester Begin Mar 16
Course Change Mar 16 - 17
Course Drop Apr 2 - 3
Mid-term Exam Regular Classes
Final Exam Jun 29 - Jul 4
End of the Spring Semester Jul 4
Dormitory Move-out Jul 4

The academic schedule for Fall 2020 will be updated during the spring semester.

table for Fall 2020 Semester (tentative)
Fall 2020 Semester (tentative)
Dormitory Application Jul 20 -24
Course registration Aug 18 - 19
Dormitory Opening Aug 24
Orientation (Mandatory) Aug 27
Semester Begin Sept 1
Course Change Sept 3 - 4
Course Drop Sept 23
Mid-term Exam Oct 20 - 26
Final Exam Dec 16 - 22
End of the Fall Semester Dec 22
Dormitory Move-out Dec 23
table for Korean National Holidays in 2020
Korean National Holidays in 2020
January 1 Solar New Year’s Day
January 24-26 Lunar New Year’s Day
March 1 Independence Movement Day
April 12 47th Anniversary of Foundation of Ajou University
April 15 21th National Assembly Election Day
April 30 Buddha's Birthday
May 5 Children's Day
June 6 Memorial's Day
August 15 Liberation Day
September 30 - October 2 Chuseok (Thanksgiving Day)
October 3 National Foundation Day
October 9 Hangul Proclamation Day
December 25 Christmas

Academic Year

Ajou University's academic year consists of two semesters. Generally, each semester consists of 16 weeks. The Spring semester usually starts at the beginning of March and ends in the middle of June. The Fall semester usually starts at the beginning of September and ends in the middle of December. Exchange students are advised to arrive in Korea on the dormitory opening day.

  • Spring semester: Early March to Mid-June (16 weeks)
  • Fall semester : Early September to Mid-December (16 weeks)

Course Information for exchange students

Exchange students can take a maximum of 19 credits from undergraduate courses per semester. Exchange students who are a graduate(master) student at their home university, or who have enough knowledge can take up to 6 credits of graduate(master) courses at Ajou. However, students need to undergo prior approval of each professor.

Exchange students enrolled in Master degree's program at their home university but not yet have obtained a Bachelor's degree should apply as an undergraduate student.

Courses of Instruction

The language of Instruction is given in Korean or English. There are lists of courses offered in English and the lists are distributed to the foreign students before the arrival and the orientation day via email. Students with high Korean Language proficiency may, with permission, select courses offered in Korean.

Course list and registration

The updated course list of courses is confirmed two months before each semester and can be downloaded atCourse offered in English

Students will receive the course schedule for registration before the semester starts. They are to complete an online course application within the given period. Please refer to the calendar above for the course registration date.

Course Load

3 credits course consists of a 45-hour workload. Students can take a maximum of 19 credits (usually six courses) during the regular semester. There is no requirement for the minimum number of credits but students are usually advised to take a minimum of 12 credits.

  • No minimum workload is required.
  • Maximum workload allowed per semester is 19 credits (usually 6~7 courses)

Grading System

Final grades for undergraduate courses are reported as follows :

 table for Grading System
Letter Grade Grade Point Grade
A+ 4.5 95 ~ 100
Ao 4.0 90 ~ 94
B+ 3.5 85 ~ 89
Bo 3.0 80 ~ 84
C+ 2.5 75 ~ 79
Co 2.0 70 ~ 74
D+ 1.5 65 ~ 69
Do 1.0 60 ~ 64
F 0.0 0 ~ 59

Final grades for postgraduate courses are reported as follows :

 table for grading system
Letter Grade Grade Point Grade
A+ 4.5 95 ~ 100
Ao 4.0 90 ~ 94
B+ 3.5 85 ~ 89
Bo 3.0 80 ~ 84
C+ 2.5 75 ~ 79
Co 2.0 70 ~ 74
F 0.0 0 ~ 69

Credit Transfer

Credits earned while studying at Ajou University are usually transferred to the students' home universities. However, students should confirm whether or not their home universities will accept credits earned at Ajou University before their arrival. After the semester ends, students may request that the Office of International Affairs to issue their transcript and to mail it to their home university.