Graduate School


The Ajou Graduate School strives to become a world-class graduate school, with respect for humans, practicality, and globalization as its visions. As part of its effort, the school stresses academic convergence, academic-industrial cooperation, and intensive cultivation of selective disciplines in humanities, social sciences, business administration, natural sciences, engineering, information technology, and medical sciences.

The Ajou Graduate School plays a leading role in vitalizing academic-industrial research and is aiming to establish itself as a cradle of industrial cluster-type academic-industrial research based on its experience in industrial research activities. With academic-industrial cooperation as the foundation, the school expects to create synergetic effects on the development of new technology by sharing technology development and equipment facilities, jointly solving problems on various legal matters related to intellectual property rights, technology transfer, technology sales, and cultivation of manpower in preparation for globalization.

You are welcomed to the globalized Ajou Graduate School, which runs Dual Degree programs and Exchange Student programs with the excellent global universities.

Goal of Education

  • Building global competence in research and education
  • Development of self-regulated and creative learning capacity
  • Enhancement of professional and multiple abilities
 the General Graduate School
College of Engineering
College of Information Technology
College of Natural Sciences
College of Business
College of Humanities
  • Korean Language and Literature
  • English Language and Literature
  • French Language and Literature
  • History
  • Culture and Contents
  • Digital Humanities & Convergence
College of Social Sciences
College of Law
  • Law
College of Medicine
College of Nursing
College of Pharmacy
Unclassified Department
Interdisciplinary Programs