Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy Gains Signboard and Signs up for Partnership with KIRD

A ceremony was held on November 23 to celebrate the installation of the official signboard for the new Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy (GSSTP) at Ajou University. The GSSTP, developed with the help of the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), was established to provide postgraduate programs in science and technology policy; the institution operates in only a few select schools that were chosen by the Ministry in July. The ceremony also saw the signing of a partnership agreement between the GSSTP and the Korea Institute for Research and Development (KIRD), promoting the exchange of information and research collaboration on science and technology policy. KIRD is responsible for running the MSIT’s GSSTP program. The ceremony, held at the Yulgok Hall, was attended by all involved key officials, including the University’s President Park Hyung-ju; Oh Yeong-tae, Vice President for Industry-Academia Cooperation; Lee Joo-yeon, Professor of Industrial Engineering and head of the New Industrial Technology Center; and Park Gwi-chan and Lee Bong-rak, president and senior officer, respectively, of KIRD. The two parties have agreed to organize joint academic events and research projects; to share and expand networks of relations in Korea and worldwide; to jointly develop career development and training programs for scientists and engineers; and to share information on science and technology policy experts. University President Park remarked, “KIRD is developing human resources capable of managing the rapid innovations in science and technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I expect this latest partnership to contribute to the development of science and technology policy experts commanding global research and supporting think tanks.” KIRD President Park also commented, “I wish this partnership of ours to enable us to exchange our knowledge on human resource development so that we can contribute to the development of core talents for the future of science and technology in Korea.” After signing the partnership agreement, the officials moved to the Yeonam Hall to observe the GSSTP’s new signboard being mounted. The GSSTP is an initiative of the MSIT through which the Ministry supports the establishment and operation of postgraduate degree programs for future policy experts who are equipped with not only knowledge of science and technology, but with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. Having been chosen in July along with Seoul National University to run the program, Ajou will receive a budget of up to KRW 1.7 billion over the next six years to operate the graduate school. The MSIT has supported the GSSTP since 2011. During the first term (2011-2017), three schools--Hanyang University, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and the University of Science and Technology participated; ifor the second term (2016-2023), in addition to from Seoul National University and Ajou, Chungnam and Pukyong National Universities are also taking part. Ajou will begin to recruit candidates for the master’s, doctorate, and integrated postgraduate degree programs at GSSTP in the spring semester of next year. Prof. Lee Joo-yeon will oversee the process. The new graduate school will have ten departments with 20 full-time professors as well as over 30 science and technology policy experts, including researchers from government-funded and private research institutions. As part of the new graduate school’s activities, Ajou will foster research collaboration between universities worldwide, effectively utilize clusters and ecosystems for local industrial-academic collaboration, and plan the establishment of a think tank-type policy research center.


Ajou Partners with Suwon and Seoul Technical High Schools for Workforce Development

With the aim of educating and training a skilled future workforce to lead smart manufacturing, Ajou University has partnered with Suwon and Seoul Technical High Schools, with support from the Training Program for Future Leaders of Industries, organized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and Human Resources Development Service of Korea. The partnership agreement was signed at the Yeonam Hall on November 18. Among the attendees were Oh Yeong-tae, Vice President for Industry-Academia Cooperation; Lee Seong-yeob, head of the Business Support Center; Lim Gun-jin, head of the LINC+ Project Group; Lee Gi-hong, Principal, and Kim Yeon-seon, senior teacher, from Suwon Technical High School; and Lee Jae-geun, Principal, and Han Yeong-wook, a senior teacher, from Seoul Technical High School. Ajou and the two high schools agreed to work together on (1) developing and operating education and training programs; (2) organizing on-site training for students on condition of hiring them; (3) organizing exchanges on new technologies and career opportunities; and (4) developing and proposing policy support programs to local and national governments. The agreement has brought Ajou University and Suwon and Seoul Technical High Schools into a close-knit partnership. The schools expect the partnership to enable them to develop training programs for newly hired students and expand contract-based departments to develop a skilled workforce necessary for the progress of smart manufacturing in Korea. The Training Program for Future Leaders of Industries, in which Ajou is a participant, has been conceived to reduce the supply-demand mismatch in the Korean labor market by designing and providing training programs for young future employees that address the specific needs of industries identified by industry-representative organizations and leading companies. Participating institutions provide specialized training and employment support programs tailored to the actual needs of these industries. Vice President Oh commented, “Under this new agreement, we plan to work together to promote the success of our training programs and help to substantially reduce the supply-demand mismatch in the labor market.”

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