Since its foundation, Ajou University has adhered to the principles of

“Respect for Humanity”, “Truth-seeking Based on Practicality”, and “Uniting Humankind for One Global Society”.

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Ajou University

  • Respect for Humanity
  • Truth-seeking Based on Practicality
  • Uniting Humankind for One Global Society

Become the best university leading Asia when Asia becomes the center of the world in the 21st century

Respect for Humanity

Respect for humanity is the act of valuing oneself and others simultaneously. Throughout its research, education, and public service, Ajou University places the utmost importance on this principle. Our aim at Ajou University is to connect ourselves with our neighbors, our country, and the world to provide them with support by viewing humans not merely as means, but as an ultimate goal or value.

Truth-seeking Based on Practicality

Truth-seeking based on practicality implies that the results of academic research should be applicable to practice. It is essential that truth-seeking and academic research are based on factual evidence and produce results that benefit human welfare. Throughout its research activities, Ajou University has adhered to this principle.

Uniting Humankind for One Global Society

Uniting humankind for one global society signifies that all humanity has become one and is living in harmony with one another. Our goal must be to break through the narrow confines of the Korean Peninsula and reach out to the world, while accepting the world coming from outside as well. As a top priority in educating young generations, Ajou University adheres to this principle.