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NEW 2021 Graduate Employment Rates Rank Ajou University as Second from the Top in Korea, at 72.4%

  • 2023-03-17
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Official statistics for 2022 place Ajou University's graduate employment rate at 72.4%, the second-highest among 4-year universities producing at least 2,000 graduates a year.

The Ministry of Education updated its Higher Education in Korea website with the official university information for 2022. The 2021 employment rates specified concern students who graduated in August 2020 and February 2021. According to the updated information, 64.2% of graduates of 4-year universities found employment. That figure represents an increase of 3.1% over the previous year's 61.1%.

Of the 2,190 Ajou University students who graduated in August 2020 and February 2021, 72.4% found employment. High employment rates were seen among medical (95.1%), pharmacy (90%), and nursing (83.7%) graduates, as well as those finishing engineering (81.6%) and information and communications (77.5%).

By department, high employment rates were identified in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (88.9%), Department of Software and Computer Engineering (82.5%), Department of Mechanical Engineering (82%), Department of Transportation Systems Engineering (81.5%), Department of Architecture (80.6%), Department of Industrial Engineering (80.3%), Department of Environmental and Safety Engineering (76.5%), Department of Applied Chemistry and Biological Engineering (75.5%), Department of Chemical Engineering (75%), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (74.1%), Department of Digital Media (73.5%), and Department of Cyber Security (73%). 

The employee retention rate among Ajou University grads, an indicator of quality of employment, was found to be 88.4% (Cycle 4: 12 months into employment)—the highest among Korean universities. Employee retention rates are calculated from percentages of health insurance holders who retain employment, at the end of each of 4 cycles, identified as 3, 6, 9, and 12 months into employment. The rule of thumb is the higher the employee retention rate the greater the stability enjoyed by graduates at work.

The announced Ajou University graduate employment rate of 72.4% is the second-highest among all 4-year universities in Korea producing at least 2,000 graduates a year, and the highest among 4-year universities producing at least 2,000 graduates in Gyeonggi Province. Nationally, the highest graduate employment rate was achieved by Sungkyunkwan University (78.5%). Following Ajou University’s 72.4% was Yonsei University (71.4%), Hanyang University (71.4%), Seoul National University (71.1%), Chung-Ang University (70.3%), Korea University (70.1%), Inha University (69.8%), Hanyang University Education Research Industry Cluster at Ansan (69.5%), and University of Seoul (69.2%). 

Ajou University runs the Career Plus Center to help students, in any year of study, find employment through a range of well-structured support programs that accommodate their individual needs and make the best of what Ajou University has to offer. Students are mentored at the Center to develop their job skills and have ready access to career guidance counseling. The Career Care program provides assistance to graduates who have not yet found work and those who are working but have job-related concerns.

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