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NEW Ajou University delivers donation to Türkiye through Korea Red Cross for earthquake recovery

  • 2023-05-16
  • 1718

Members of Ajou University delivered a donation to the Gyeonggi-do branch of the Korean Red Cross to help Türkiye and Syria, which sustained serious damages from a major earthquake. 

On February 28, Ajou University delivered a relief donation of KRW 16,155,000 to the Gyeonggi-do branch of the Korean Red Cross to help earthquake victims in Türkiye and Syria. The contribution will be used for emergency relief supplies and support for site recovery.

The university conducted a fundraising campaign among professors, staff, and students from February 14 to 20 to help Türkiye and Syria recover from the damages. A total of KRW 16,155,000 was collected from 381 people.

Meanwhile, to help Turkish students of Ajou University recover from the shock and hear about the damages suffered by their families and friends, a meeting with Turkish students was arranged.

On February 23, President Choi Kee-choo met with Turkish students in his office. There are 10 Turkish students at Ajou University on exchange student programs or in undergraduate and graduate courses. Ajou University maintains sisterhood relationships with three Turkish universities, including Erciyes University. 

President Choi said, “I extend my deepest condolences to the people who lost family members, friends, and homes, and I hope this donation, coming from the hearts of Ajou members, will be of some help. We will also provide all necessary assistance to the Turkish students attending this university.”

A Turkish student named Ozer Zeynep (Korean name: Kang Bora) studying in the graduate school of the Department of Korean Language and Literature said, “I am grateful for the university’s care and assistance for Turkish students. On behalf of all Turkish students here, I would like to thank Korean citizens, including the Ajou family, for their consolation, donation, and other substantial aid.”

#Picture above: (from left) Kim Kyungrai, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Lee Jae-jeong, president of the Gyeonggi-do branch of the Korean Red Cross

President Choi Kee-choo meeting with Turkish students at Ajou University.