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NEW Training group of U.S. Fullbright KIEA program visits Ajou University

  • 2023-11-15
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Ajou University welcomed participants of the Korean International Education Administrators (KIEA) program, one of the Fullbright programs. The program is designed to promote the exchange of international education professionals of Korea and the United States.

The 12 members of the group visited Ajou University on June 16. Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Kim Kyungrai, Director Kang Shin-goo of the Office of International Affairs, and others from Ajou University met with the group members and explained Ajou’s specialized programs, such as the Paran Semester and Paran Ladder, as well as its international programs and long-term university development plan.

The American International Education Administrator (AIEA) program aims to expand the relationships between university administrators in the United States and Korea and promote international understanding and cooperation. 

The training group included staff of the United States’ top universities, including Duke University, Columbia University, and Emory University. Ajou University will discuss long-term exchanges and extended cooperation with these universities.

The Fulbright Program was created to provide financial support for exchanges between universities in the United States and countries around the world, based on the suggestion of Senator J. William Fullbright that educational and cultural exchanges between peoples after the Second World War is the most effective means of promoting world peace. Currently, the Fullbright Program is operated in 160 countries, and the Korean-American Educational Commission (KAEC) is implementing various educational programs for students, professors, and specialists of Korea and the United States.