Sustainable Action

Ajou University Climate Action

Ajou University declares that it strives to actively combat climate change in order to fulfill its responsibilities as an educational institution as follows:

Ajou University makes great efforts to contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals of Climate Action in line with the university’s vision of "Changing the future through value creation and innovation”;

Ajou University is committed to conducting cross-border research, sharing knowledge, making innovation, and collaborating with public and private stakeholders to come up with new solutions to address climate change;

Ajou University fulfills its environmental responsibility for future generations by introducing action plans and tasks to realize carbon neutrality by 2050, thereby responding to climate change;

To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, Ajou University reduces carbon emissions in phases by 2050 and absorbs the remaining carbon to set net emissions to zero;

And to promote the transition to a carbon-neutral society, Ajou University prepares detailed action plans by sectors such as energy, transportation and buildings based on scientific analysis and objective data.

Ajou University will take the following actions to respond to climate change.

4. Characteristics of Curriculum
  • To expand energy conservation and renewable energy use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • To strengthen education and research to raise awareness of climate change and explore measures to tackle it
  • To cooperate with local and international communities to mitigate the effects of climate change
  • To support research and development for climate change adaptation.