Ajou History

Powerhouse of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (2011~)

Preparing for another leap forward Changing the world with Connecting Minds

In 2012, Ajou University created an action plan to implement Ajou Vision 2023 and reshaped many of its executive programs. This initiative led to 4 strategies, 10 main projects, and 39 executive programs, along with a system for evaluating whether annual performance indicators have been accomplished. Thanks to such efforts, the University obtained a 5-year certification in 2012 from the Korean University Accreditation Institute.

In 2015, the University proposed Ajou Great Turning, which was designed to focus on administrative tasks to accomplish the fundamental and extended values of universities within the framework of Ajou Vision 2023. The tasks include ‘Paran Semester’ (student-led curriculum design program introduced for the first time among Korean universities), the ‘After You’ Program aimed at enhancing social mobility, and the Global Internship Program.

In 2018, Ajou Vision 4.0, a 10-year development plan, was announced under the slogan "Change Society with Connecting Minds" to drive changes in the new era represented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Vision sets out strategies for comprehensive innovation in education and research, industry-academia cooperation, and campus culture, etc. The University is making all-out efforts to provide education focused on improving overall student capabilities rather than simply expanding knowledge, to conduct research capitalizing on institutional specialties, to create values shared in society, and to strengthen global competitiveness.

Ajou University is committed to enhancing its growth momentum through education and research, the two fundamental missions of universities, and fostering excellent talents who will play important roles in Asia and contribute to peace and welfare in their communities at the local, national, and global levels.