Health Care Center

Medical Centers/Hospitals around Campus

These are the list of Medical Centers and Clinics around Campus to guide you to recover from any primary diseases and injuries as soon as possible.

Yonsei Nanum Clinic 
  • 031-212-3133
  • Vaccination, chronic disease, IV nutritional therapy, mild illness, chest*heart*vascular disease, diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins
Lee yi hyung Clinic 
  • 031-212-3688
  • Respiratory, digestive, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, comprehensive medical checkup, vaccination                               
Ajou Well E.N.T Clinic 
  • 031-213-5453
  • Sinusitis surgery, orthodontic surgery, chronic rhinitis surgery, thyroid ultrasonography, sleep disorder clinic, ear clinic                      
S-Seoul Hospital 
  • 031-225-7000
  • Spine, joint center, exercise therapy center, internal medicine and examination center                                                                   
Choice Hospital 
(초이스 정형외과)
  • 031-216-8275
  • Orthopedics                                                                                                                                                                              
Seoul Sungmo Eye Hospital 
  • 031-226-8321
  • Eye correction, presbyopia correction, retinal disease (cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetes retinopathy), eye disease and ophthalmoplasty
Dr. Bong’s Dermatologic Clinic 
(봉 피부과의원)
  • 031-211-8275
  • Plastic surgery clinic, skin clinic, laser clinic                                                                                                                                      
Rose and Nightingale Clinic 
(장미꽃과 나이팅게일의원)
  • 031-211-3659
  • Neurofibroma, lipoma, pilonidal sinus, sebaceous cyst, ingrown toenails                                                                                        
Sae-Sol Clinic 
  • 031-202-7544
  • Removal and plastic surgery of burn scars and various surgical diseases                     
Yonsei Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic 
  • 031-211-5151
  • Consultation and treatment on overall care for women, teenagers and infants’ health.
Gyu Dental Clinic 
  • 031-214-6822
  • Dental Treatment                                             

Cooperating Medical Institutions

Cooperating Medical Institutions
Health Center Contact no. Remarks
Ajou University Hospital Outpatient Services 1688-6114
  • 10% discount for enrolled students (Certificate of Enrollment required)
Hospitalization Service 1688-2118
  • 50% off season discount (Dec~Mar) for enrolled student and parents
    * Pre-check required
  • 10% discount for enrolled students and Parents (Certificate of Enrollment and Certificate of Family Relations required)
Hue Health Care Center 031-213-5484 General Internal Medical Treatment and Medical Check up