Specialization in Industry-Academia Collaboration

Ajou Vision 5.0 Specialization in Industry-Academia Collaboration

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Specialization Areas

  • Bio·healthcare
  • Smart Mobility
  • Renewable Energy
  • AI·Big Data

4 Major Strategic Thrusts

  • Industry-adaptive education
  • Entrepreneurial university development
  • Value sharing for mutual growth
  • Sustainable collaboration infrastructure development

6 Core Initiatives

  • Industry-adaptive innovation education
  • Lifelong support system for employment and entrepreneurship
  • Value creation based on ICC
  • Open technology transfer and commercialization
  • DNA-based industry-academia collaboration platform
  • Establishment of shared collaboration hubs

Ajou Vision 5.0 Specialization in strategic

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Specialization Areas

  • Establishment of a comprehensive internationalization model

Strategic Initiatives

  • Establishment of strategic global partnerships
  • Diversification of outbound programs
  • Creation of Ajou Global Village
  • Establishment of a sustainable internationalization system
  • Overseas expansion of Ajou Campus

Detailed Projects

  • Promotion of strategic partnerships
  • Enhancement of international promotion
  • Operation of customized outbound programs
  • Formation of Ajou community in the world
  • Expansion of channels and programs for attracting international students
  • Establishment of a comprehensive support system for international students
  • Enhancement of internationalization infrastructure
  • Enhancement of internationalization support systems
  • Operation and strengthening of AUT
  • Establishment of overseas hub centers
  • Development of overseas education programs