Strategy and Initiatives

Ajou Vision 5.0 Strategy and Initiatives

 Ajou Vision 5.0 Strategy and Initiatives
Development Strategic Strategic Tasks

Detailed Projects

Strengthening new normal convergence education

1.1 Demand-driven interdisciplinary education program innovation

1.1.1 Autonomous innovation diffusion of major education programs

1.1.2 Specialization of major education in emerging industry fields

1.1.3 Activation of interdisciplinary micro-major programs
1.1.4 Activation of student-led interdisciplinary education programs

1.2 Student-centered education model expansion

1.2.1 Expansion of AI-based personalized basic education

1.2.2 Expansion of high-intensity interaction-centered education

1.2.3 Strengthening experiential learning and expanding "Paran Semester"

1.2.4 Expansion of open and interdisciplinary education beyond the classroom

1.2.5 Establishment of an education sharing system

1.3 Enhancement of customized teaching and learning support platform

1.3.1 Expansion of core competency non-curricular programs and enhancement of AJOU HUB

1.3.2 Strengthening of data-based personalized teaching and learning support system

1.3.3 Establishment of a lifelong career competency guidance platform
1.3.4 Enhancement of self-directed learning support MOCA platform
1.4 Enhancement of curriculum feedback system

1.4.1 Establishment of curriculum CQI system

1.4.2 Enhancement of data-based education performance management system

1.5 Establishment of a shared-oriented lifelong education system

1.5.1 Establishment of adult-friendly policies and expansion of academic operations

1.5.2 Operation of AJOU Online Open Classes

Future-value-based research ecosystem

2.1 Securing leading research personnel focused on excellence

2.1.1 Support for new faculty research leap

2.1.2 Support for attracting young research talent

2.1.3 Specialization of graduate schools

2.1.4 Attraction of outstanding graduate students
2.1.5 Invitation of destination-oriented excellent faculty

2.2 Establishment of a system to enhance qualitative research capabilities

2.2.1 Establishment of research support system based on qualitative evaluation

2.2.2 Establishment of faculty personnel system based on qualitative evaluation

2.3 Cultivation of premier research groups

2.3.1 Discovery of large-scale research groups

2.3.2 Support for the leap of outstanding research groups

2.4 Activation of outcome-oriented collaborative research

2.4.1 Creation of a collaborative research environment through research institute support

2.4.2 Support for international collaborative research

2.4.3 Improvement of high-priced research equipment infrastructure

2.5 Enhancement of academic support system

2.5.1 Establishment of institutional repositories based on open access

2.5.2 Expansion of domestic and international academic resources
2.5.3 Establishment of creative and collaborative mixed learning environments
2.5.4 Support for establishing research ethics

Creating an industry-academia collaboration platform

3.1 Expansion of industry-adaptive industry-academia innovation education

3.1.1 Innovation in open industry-academia cooperation education

3.1.2 Cultivation of future talents in emerging industry fields

3.1.3 Non-face-to-face and global-based industry-academia education models

3.2 Establishment of life cycle-based employment and entrepreneurship support system

3.2.1 Life cycle-based employment support

3.2.2 Comprehensive entrepreneurship education

3.2.3 Establishment of entrepreneurship support infrastructure by startup stage

3.3 Value creation based on corporate collaboration centers (ICC)

3.3.1 Strengthening of specialized R&D clusters

3.3.2 Enhancement of on-campus ICC

3.3.3 Ensuring sustainability through joint research, technology development, and corporate support tailored to industry demand

3.4 Expansion of open technology transfer and commercialization

3.4.1 Support for innovation in technology commercialization intermediary research

3.4.2 Establishment of small and medium-sized enterprise technology hubs and networking

3.4.3 Revenue generation and independence based on investment-type industry-academia cooperation models

3.5 Establishment of open DNA-based industry-academia collaboration platform

3.5.1 Support for regional(industrial) growth

3.5.2 Creation of core talent databases for industry-academia collaboration

3.5.3 Strengthening of global industry-academia collaboration networks

Adopting a comprehensive internationalization model

4.1 Establishment of strategic global partnerships

4.1.1 Promotion of strategic partnerships

4.1.2 Enhancement of international promotion

4.2 Diversification of outbound programs

4.2.1 Operation of customized outbound programs

4.2.2 Cultivation of Global Ajou community

4.3 Creation of Ajou Global Village

4.3.1 Expansion of channels and programs for attracting international students

4.3.2 Establishment of comprehensive support system for international students

4.4 Establishment of a virtuous circle internationalization system

4.4.1 Strengthening of internationalization infrastructure

4.4.2 Enhancement of internationalization support systems

4.5 Overseas expansion of Ajou Campus

4.5.1 Operation and strengthening of AUT

4.5.2 Establishment of overseas hub centers

4.5.3 Development of overseas education programs

Disseminating value and innovation infrastructure

5.1 Creation of shared and open campus

5.1.1 Remodeling of campus with a shared and open orientation

5.1.2 Improvement of campus mobility environment

5.2 Establishment of AI-enhanced spaces

5.2.1 Construction of advanced convergence facilities

5.2.2 Construction of smart dormitories

5.3 Advancement of campus digital transformation

5.3.1 Establishment of next-generation integrated system (AIMS III)

5.3.2 Enhancement of ICT and data infrastructure
5.3.3 Establishment of intelligent administrative system

5.4 Realization of ESG values

5.4.1 Implementation of green campus

5.4.2 Realization of shared values with local communities

5.4.3 Establishment of rational personnel and performance reward system

5.5 Spread of sustainable Ajou culture

5.5.1 Establishment and spread of university culture

5.5.2 Development of donation programs and cultural creation

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