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Change of Major

This is the process through which you can change the major for which you were originally admitted into school to a different major.


Students who are scheduled, as of the time when they apply for a change of major, to start the first (spring) semester of their second year or a later semester (Each student may apply for a change of major only once throughout their enrollment at school.)

Application Deadlines
 Application Deadlines
Semester Student status Deadline
Spring semester Currently enrolled Before the end of November
Returning Before the end of December
Fall semester Currently enrolled Before the end of May
Returning Before the end of June
Step Process
1 School website → Student Portal → (New) Academic Affairs Info → All menus→ Academic → Application for Change of Major → Click “Apply”
2 Print the application out and submit it, along with a transcript, to the students’ office of your department.
3 Your department will review your application (and the Dean may require you to sit for an interview).
4 Once your current department approves your application, the department to which you have applied to transfer will review your application (and you may have an interview with the Dean).
5 Your application is finalized, and your change of major is completed.
※ Note
  • As for enrolled students who wish to change their major, up to and including the grades they received in the most recent semester, at the time of their application, will be considered, but not the grades from the summer or winter courses they took. (E.g., If you apply to change your major in the spring semester of 2020, your grades up to and including the fall semester of 2019 will be taken into account, but the grades you received for the winter courses of 2019 will not.)
  • Students who wish to change their major to pharmacy must complete a special process reserved for the College of Pharmacy.
  • Students who have been admitted into school with merit scholarships, based on their academic performance records at the time of application, since 2004 will lose their merit scholarships if they change their major, according to the University’s scholarship policy.

For questions, contact

Contact List
College Department Telephone
College of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering +82-31-219-2324
Department of Industrial Engineering +82-31-219-1953
Department of Chemical Engineering +82-31-219-1531
Department of Materials Science and Engineering +82-31-219-1531
Department of Applied Chemistry and Biological Engineering +82-31-219-2385
Department of Environmental and Safety Engineering +82-31-219-1531
Department of Civil Systems Engineering +82-31-219-1531
Department of Transportation System Engineering +82-31-219-1531
Department of Architecture +82-31-219-2333
College of Information Technology Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering +82-31-219-1740
Department of Software and Computer Engineering +82-31-219-2446
Department of Software Convergence Technology +82-31-219-2446
Department of Digital Media +82-31-219-2630
College of Natural Sciences Student Affairs Office, College of Natural Sciences +82-31-219-2552
School of Business Student Affairs Office, School of Business +82-31-219-3621
College of Humanities Department of Korean Language and Literature/Department of History +82-31-219-2802
Department of English Language and Literature +82-31-219-2803
Department of French Language and Literature/Department of Culture and Content +82-31-219-2822
College of Social Sciences Department of Sociology/Department of Political Science and Diplomacy +82-31-219-2736
Department of Psychology +82-31-219-2792
Department of Economics/Department of Public Administration/Department of Sports and Leisure Studies +82-31-219-2732
College of Nursing Student Affairs Office, College of Nursing +82-31-219-7007
School of Medicine Student Affairs Office, School of Medicine +82-31-219-5016
Graduate School Student Affairs Office, Graduate School +82-31-219-2302