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Grounds for expulsion Description
Failure to return The student has failed to return within the allotted time after their leave of absence is up.
Failure to register The student has not completed their registration within the allotted time for no justifiable reason.
Repeated academic probations Three strikes rule: The student has been served his/her third academic probation during his/her enrollment.
(Two strikes rule for students enrolled in the Special Undergraduate Courses in the College of Nursing.)
Exceeding enrollment term The student has failed to complete his/her studies within the fixed maximum enrollment term.
Withdrawal The student has decided to withdraw from school voluntarily.
Dismissal The student has been expelled from school as a result of the school’s disciplinary action against him/her.
Other The student has been involved in indecent, illegal, etc. conduct unfit for students.


Students enrolled in the School of Medicine or College of Nursing or Pharmacology who receive grades of C+ or lower in the given school year will fail their courses. Each college’s rules for handling failing students will be applied in such cases.


The readmission policy allows students who have been expelled from school to return to school after a predefined period of time.


Students who have voluntarily left (withdrawn from) or been expelled from school and wish to return.

Type Timeline
Students who have withdrawn fromschool or been expelled due to failure to return, register, or complete theirstudies within the enrollment term Students may apply to return to schoolas early as the semester following the one in which they were expelled.(E.g., Students who were expelled in the fall semester of 2019 may apply toreturn in the spring semester of 2020.)
Students who have been expelled due torepeated academic probations Students may apply to return one yearafter the semester in which they were expelled.(E.g., Students who were expelled in the fall semester of 2019 may apply toreturn in the fall semester of 2020.)

Students who have been expelled twice or more due to academic probations may return only after completing certain prerequisite courses and obtaining a GPA of at least 2.0 as part-time students.

Students who have been expelled before completing their first semester at school are not eligible to return.

Application Deadlines
  • To return in the following spring semester: before the end of December
  • To return in the following fall semester: before the end of June
  • Students who wish to return must submit their application via the Student Portal ((New) Academic Affairs Info Services) and submit the required documents to their respective departments to complete their application.
Application Process
 Application Process
Step Process
1 School website → StudentPortal → (New)Academic Affairs Info → All Menus → Academic → Re-Admission Application → Click “Apply(신청)
2 Print the application out and submitit, along with a study plan and transcript, to the students’ office of yourdepartment.(You can print out the study plan template from the (New) Academic AffairsInfo Services page after completing your online application for readmission.)
3 Your department will review yourapplication (informing you of the schedule individually).(The department will convene a review meeting if you are applying forreadmission for the second time.)
4 Your department will announce thefinal decision.
※ Note
  • As the College of Law no longer exists, students who were formerly associated with that college may apply to be readmitted into the Department of Public Administration in the College of Social Sciences.
  • Students who return in a given semester must register for the entirety of that semester and pay the readmission fee. (Students who had left school due to military enlistment, without taking a proper military leave of absence, do not have to pay the readmission fee.)
  • Students who are readmitted cannot take a leave of absence during their first semester after readmission, except for a military or sick leave.
  • As individual departments have been handling undergraduate degrees and requirements since 2012, students must check the current status and affiliation of their respective majors and fill out their readmission application forms based on the requirements of their respective departments. (E.g., Students who had been majoring in mathematics in the Department of Mathematics, College of Natural Sciences, before their expulsion now need to apply to return to the mathematics major in the Department of Mathematics, College of Natural Sciences.)
  • When deemed necessary by individual departments, students’ readmission may be delayed depending on the number of semesters they had completed and the number of credits they had obtained prior to leaving school.