Course Evaluation

Students are required to evaluate the courses they have taken toward the end of each semester. The feedback obtained from such evaluations serves to improve the quality of those courses in the future. Since the spring semester of 2010, the University has been disclosing all results of course evaluations. The University encourages students to participate in course evaluation, and also use the published results to help them decide which courses to take.

Dates for Course Evaluation

  • Spring semester evaluation: in June
  • Fall semester evaluation: in December

Summer and winter courses: during the two weeks before the courses close (see additional guides)

How to Evaluate Courses

  • Go to AIMS2 → (New) Academic Affairs → All Menus → Academic Course → Course Evaluation (Search the courses you have taken and then evaluate) → Evaluate the Course → Save

Students who give a course a score of 2.0 or below or give the same score to two or more courses must indicate their reason.

Course Evaluation Questionnaire (New questions incorporated starting in the spring semester of 2018)

Question Types
 Question Types
Question Types Topic Number of questions Remark
Common (11 in total) Class preparations 3  
Course content and progress 6  
Assignments and assessment 2  
Optional (one out of three) General 3 The course provider chooses which of these types of three optional questions to ask.
Lecture-type courses 3
Auditorium-type courses (AFL) 3
Activity-centered courses 3
Lab courses 3
Online lecture courses 3
Flipped learning courses 3
Additional Educational performance 1~2 Applied to lecture-type courses for engineering/nursing education accreditations.
English lectures 3 Applied to lectures provided in English.
Scoring Scale
 Scoring Scale
Number of points 1 2 3 4 5
Indication Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree
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Why You Should Participate in Course Evaluation

Failure to evaluate all the courses you have taken will make it impossible for you to check your own grades during the grade announcement period.

This does not apply to midterm course evaluations conducted by the Teaching and Learning Development Center.

Disclosure of Course Evaluation Results

 Disclosure of Course Evaluation Results
Type Description
  • From one week before preliminary course registration to the end of the course change period
  • Faculty members and students
  • Course evaluation results are displayed on the school website, in connection with the timetable for the courses offered for the given semester.
    • Students can view the course evaluation results on the timetable.
Scope and content
  • Scope: all courses offered in the given semester, with results dating back to the spring semester of 2010, where applicable
  • Course grades are displayed in the form of percentages (out of 100).
    • Students can make comparisons across different courses (in terms of subjecs, class type, class size, level of difficulty, etc.)
Access routes
  • Faculty: AIMS2 → Student Affairs → Courses → Course Evaluation Management → View Course Evaluation Results (All)
  • Students: AIMS2 → Student Affairs (Undergraduate) → Courses → Timetable/Course Schedule/Course Evaluation Results