Seasonal Course

Seasonal courses are extra-semester courses. A student may earn up to six credits by taking these seasonal courses.

Course Registration and Change

  • When: in June (for summer courses) and December (for winter courses), on the school website
  • Maximum number of credits to be earned: 6
  • Eligibility:
    • Enrolled students (who may take a leave of absence after completing seasonal courses)
    • Returning students (only seasonal courses immediately preceding the semester in which they are to return).


  • When: in June and December each year
  • Tuition fees: KRW 100,000 per credit (to be paid in person at a nearby Kookmin Bank branch, based on the tuition invoice)
  • Notes:
    • Failure to pay tuition fees before the end of the registration period will result in automatic cancellation of course registration.
    • There are no set dates by which students may cancel their registration for seasonal courses. Requests for tuition refunds will automatically be recognized as cancellation of course registration.

Course Operation

  • Duration: Each single-credit course has an hour-long class every day during the week (or two hours for a single-credit lab course) for 15 consecutive days. Each three-credit course has a three-hour-long class every day during the week for 15 consecutive days.
  • Types of courses offered: optional liberal arts, mandatory liberal arts, liberal arts by field, basic (prerequisite, but not for any major tracks)
  • Note: The University reserves the right to cancel a course for which fewer than 20 students have applied and registered.
  • Tuition fees are refunded according to the following terms and conditions:
    • 100% refund for courses cancelled prior to the start date
    • 2/3 of tuition refunded when the student cancels before one-third of the course is completed
    • ½ of tuition refunded when the student cancels after one-third of the course and before one-half of the course is completed.
    • No refund available when the student cancels after one-half of the course is completed.

Credits and Grades

  • Seasonal course grades for enrolled students are recognized immediately upon processing.
  • Seasonal course grades for returning students are recognized when students return in the following semester and obtain grades in other courses. Students will lose the credits and grades they have earned from seasonal courses if they fail to return the following semester.
  • Students are not placed on academic probation for the grades they earn in seasonal courses.
  • Seasonal course grades are counted toward the cumulative GPA up until graduation.

Students who were admitted in or after 2002 and graduated early must have earned the required number of credits for graduation, including the credits they earned from the courses they took in the semester preceding their early graduation. They cannot graduate immediately after securing the remaining unfulfilled number of credits by taking seasonal courses.