Exams and Assessments

  • Students must write examinations and/or otherwise undergo different forms of assessment required by the courses they take.
  • Each course may require students to complete midterm and final examinations as well as other tests and assessments each semester. The modes of assessment vary widely from course to course and include written exams, practical tests, oral presentations, and specific assignments, among others.

Attendance and Participation Grades

  1. Students must attend at least three-fourths of the classes for each course each semester.
  2. Students who are absent from some classes due to any of the reasons listed under Article 26 of the Student Affairs Management Rules for Undergraduates may still be counted as having attended. To have their attendance checked, students must submit requests for attendance checks and documentary evidence of their valid reasons for absence to their professors within seven days following their absence.
 exams grade & score
Letter grade Percentage score GPA
A+ 95 ~ 100 4.5
A0 90 ~ 94 4
B+ 85 ~ 89 3.5
B0 80 ~ 84 3
C+ 75 ~ 79 2.5
C0 70 ~ 74 2
D+ 65 ~ 69 1.5
D0 60 ~ 64 1
F 0 ~59 0
  • The grade point averages (GPAs) for the given semester are calculated by dividing the overall average percentage score by the number of credits obtained in that semester. The cumulative GPAs are obtained by dividing the overall average percentage score across all semesters completed by the total number of credits obtained to date.
  • Students are expected to check their grades during the grade announcement period, and register any complaints/objections with faculty members upon finding errors or omissions.
  • Students who have not been able to take tests, exams, etc. due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances may be able to take additional exams if faculty members approve their written requests for such exams. However, students may not score above B+ on additional exams.
※ Conversion of Percentage Scores into Letter Grades
 Conversion of Percentage Scores into Letter Grades
Letter grade Percentage score
A+ 95 ~ 100
A0 90 ~ 94
B+ 85 ~ 89
B0 80 ~ 84
C+ 75 ~ 79
C0 70 ~ 74
D+ 65 ~ 69
D0 60 ~ 64
F 0 ~59

E.g.) GPA 3.24 → Percentage score (converted) 86.4.

Academic Probation and Expulsion

Academic Probation

Students who meet one or more of the following criteria will be placed on academic probation. However, students whose final-semester GPA falls below the minimum GPA requirement for avoiding academic probation, but who have been confirmed as being eligible to graduate on time, may avoid academic probation.

  • Students who have paid tuition fees, but have not registered for any courses
  • Students whose GPA per semester falls below 1.75 (or 2.0 for those majoring in Military Digital Convergence)
  • Students who have received a grade of F for at least six credits per semester

Students will be expelled when they have been put on their third academic probation during their term of enrollment.

Retaking Courses and Forgoing Credits

Retaking Courses

Students may be allowed to retake courses in which they received a grade of C+ or lower.

  • Students can retake only courses they have already taken that are offered by the same departments. If the courses are no longer offered, they may have to take a substitute.
  • The grades students received on their first attempt at taking a given course will be replaced by the grades they receive on their second attempt, with the retaken courses indicated with an “R” on their transcripts.
  • Students cannot retake “mutually recognized” courses (recognized by two or more majors), nor can they forgo credits they have already obtained by taking such courses.
  • There is no limit on the number of times a student may retake a given course.
  • Students who retake courses may not receive grades above A0 (starting with those admitted for the 2007 school year).
Forgoing Credits

Students may forgo the credits or grades they have received in any of the following situations:

  • Students may forgo the credits or grades they have received in any of the following situations:
  • Students who were admitted into the University in 1998 or earlier may forgo the credits/grades of D+ or below they had received up until, and including, the semesters of 1999.
  • Students may forgo grades/credits associated with courses that were available at the time of their admission into the University, but that have since been removed and not replaced.
  • Students may forgo credits/grades that they had received in the years leading up to, and including, 2003 in basic engineering courses (Applied Dynamics, Economic Success, Experimental Planning and Analysis, Engineering and Society, Materials Science, Electric-Electronic Engineering, Calibration and Mensuration, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Engineering Analysis, and Information and Computer Engineering (except for students in the College of Information Technology, where these courses are all mandatory)).
  • Graduates-to-be who are unable to retake undergraduate courses due to unavoidable circumstances may forgo credits/grades, subject to the President’s approval upon the Dean’s request.

The above-listed conditions for forgoing credits and grades are effective until, and including, 2018, with respect to credits/grades obtained in the years leading up to, and including, the 2014 school year. Starting in 2019, students may not forgo credits or grades they have earned since the 2015 school year.

Pursuant to Article 33 of the Student Affairs Management Rules for Undergraduates, students have been barred from forgoing grades and credits since the 2018 school year. Nevertheless, students may be permitted to do so under the following circumstances.

No. Type Permitted
1 Credits/grades received in the years before 2014
(irrespective of how high/low the grades are)
Students who have been unable, due to unavoidable circumstances, to apply to forgo their credits/grades until, and in, the 2018 school year for courses that have been removed and not replaced.
(provided that students are able to submit documentary evidence of the unavoidable circumstances)
2 Credits/grades received in and after 2015
(irrespective of how high/low the grades are)
Students who failed courses that cannot be retaken due to faults not their own
(e.g., due to the University’s circumstances, such as a lack of competent teachers)