International Business

Department of International Business
Master of Business Administration(MBA) in International Business / Master of Business Administration(AI & IT Business) / Master of Business Administration(IT Business)

In today's increasingly dynamic and competitive environment, international business competencies are imperative at all levels of management. To meet the pressing needs of today, the Department of International Business at Ajou University provides high quality education and cultivates global mindsets to enable students to overcome various ethical, social, cultural, political, economical,geographical, and technological challenges. The main purpose of international business studies is to provide students with a deep understanding of current issues in global business. Therefore, the curriculum is designed to broaden data-driven perspectives at all managerial levels, both academically as well as practically.

Courses include analytical methodologies, accounting, marketing, operations management, human resource management, organizationalbehavior, finance, management information systems, international business, research seminars and leadership, and ethics workshops. Students who wish to pursue careers in international business and finance are encouraged to enroll in the MBA (Masters of BusinessAdministration) program at the Graduate School of International Studies at Ajou University.

Course List (International Business)

  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Financial Management
  • Principles of Accounting
  • International Business: Korean
  • Perspective (International Business)
  • Marketing Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Seminar in International Business
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Research Paper
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Marketing
  • Intermediate Financial Accounting
  • Marketing Research
  • Human Resource Management
  • Investment
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Leadership: Theory and Practice
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Application Software
  • Special Topics in International Business 1
  • Special Topics in International Business 2
  • Financial Derivatives
  • International Capital Markets
  • International Corporate Finance and Payment
  • Introduction to Information Technology Management
  • Quantitative Research Design and Methods (Quantitative Research Methods)
  • Research 1
  • Research 2
  • Leadership and Ethics Workshop I
  • Leadership and Ethics Workshop II
  • Development Practice Internship(Business Internship 1)
  • Development Practice Internship 2 (Business Internship 2)
  • Business Communication

Research Fields

  • Agent Problem
  • Asset Pricing
  • Bayesian Analysis
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Cross-cultural Management Modeling
  • CSR
  • Customer Equity
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science in Management
  • Decision Sciences
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Financial Regulation
  • International Business Strategy
  • International Finance
  • International Trade
  • IT Management
  • Management
  • Markov Models
  • Medical Data Analysis
  • Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Operations Management
  • Portfolio Selection
  • Push-Pull
  • Real Option
  • Relationship Marketing and Advertisement/Public Relations
  • Strategic Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technological Innovation Management
  • Technology and Globalization