International Trade

Department of International Trade
Master of Arts in International Trade

This program offers students diverse courses that enhance their understanding of international trade and combines classroom knowledge with relevant practical experiences in globalization. International trade promotes economic development, reinforces international cooperation, and increases intraregional trade. World trade relations evolve through collective negotiations, agreements, and the addressing of political issues. The goal of this program is to equip students with the analytical skills needed to handle the challenges of the global economy and to train future experts for employment at government agencies, public institutions, and private corporations.

The development of future leaders in the fields of economics, finance, and management is indispensable for the sustainable growth of the global economy. This two-year master’s degree program integrates key curriculum from interdisciplinary courses in the international business field so that students can gain expertise related to world trading systems. Our GSIS community creates a favorable environment for students’ academic activities and research.

Course List (International Trade)

  • International (Trade) Law
  • WTO and International Trade Policy (Commercial Policy)
  • International Trade & Development (International Trade)
  • International Finance: Market and Policy (International Finance)
  • Foundations of Development Policy (Economics of Development)
  • Economic Analysis and Public Policy (Economic Analysis 1)
  • International Trade Practices
  • International Commercial Contracts and Dispute Settlements
  • Foreign Investment and Multinational Corporations
  • International Macroeconomics
  • Human Capital and Knowledge based Economy International Negotiations
  • Econometric Method
  • International Economic Policies and Organizations
  • International Economic Law
  • Regional Economic Integration
  • Topical Seminar on International Trade and Finance
  • International Organizations
  • Financial Economics
  • Korea and World Economy: Past, Present & Future(Korean Economy)
  • Research 1
  • Research 2

Research Fields

  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Business and Commercial Law
  • Empirical Finance
  • Empirical Studies on Education and Social Well-being
  • Fair Competition
  • Industrial Organization
  • International Finance
  • International Trade
  • Macroeconomics
  • Macro-finance
  • Network Industry
  • Time Series Analysis