International Development and Cooperation

Department of International Development and Cooperation
Master of Arts in International Development Cooperation 

The International Development and Cooperation (IDC) degree program combines the study of economic and political development internationally, institutionally, and bilaterally to give students a broad overview of the field. The curriculum is multidisciplinary in its approach and is designed to familiarize students with the basic theories of economic development, overseas development assistance, international political economy, international institutionalism, and environmentally sustainable development practices.

The program provides students with the tools needed to develop as effective practitioners of international developmentand assistance programs within government agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Non-Profit Organizations(NPOs), and international development agencies. IDC courses incorporate the dominant viewpoints of developed, developing,and underdeveloped countries worldwide. The program aims to help students acquire a well-rounded view of developmental strategies that affect policies and the implementation and effectiveness of IDC practices.

Course List (International Development and Cooperation)

  • Introduction to International Development and Cooperation ODA: Theory and Practice
  • Development Strategies and Analysis
  • Comparative Development Studies of the Emerging Markets
  • ODA of Korea
  • Green Development
  • African Development
  • Social Development and Poverty Reduction
  • ODA Management and Evaluation
  • Development Economics
  • Development Project Management
  • Political Economy of the State and International Affairs
  • Issues in Development: Theory and Practice
  • Applications and Cases in International Development
  • Unification of Korea and Beyond
  • Research 1
  • Research 2

Research Fields

  • Asian Geopolitics
  • Civil Society
  • Corporation & Society
  • Design Thinking
  • East Asian Philosophy
  • Green Politics
  • History Politics
  • International Development and Cooperation
  • International Political Economy
  • International Relations
  • Non-Governmental Organization
  • Research Methods
  • Social Change/Innovation
  • Technology & Society
  • Territory and Politics