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Ajou University Hospital is one of the major suppliers of medical services in the region of Gyeonggi Province, and it is a teaching and research hospital affiliated with School of Medicine of Ajou University. Ajou University Hospital has an International Health Care Center to provide services for international patients.

International Health Care Center

International Health Care Center was established in 1994 but reorganized in 2003. ??It is reserved for only foreign patients seeking treatment at the Ajou University Hospital. Situated on the ground floor of the hospital, the center is ready to provide various medical services by accommodating patients with a spacious office and comfortable snug waiting area, and assistance for foreign visitors by staff qualified in the English language.

Since its foundation in 1994, by paying attention to and having interest in diverse treatment and administrative support, Ajou University Hospital has made meticulous efforts to cater to international patients with high quality medical services while minimizing inconveniences. In particular upon its opening, the hospital has built a joint alliance not only with the Osan and Pyeongtak U.S. Military Medical Group that recognized our competent and efficient staff and up to date medical equipment, but also with the 18th MG in Yongsan in 2003.

Additionally, the Ajou University Hospital and Gyeonggi Province reached the “24 Hours Foreigner Treatment System Establishment” agreement in January 2006 and thus we, on around the clock basis, provide treatment for international patients.

Allocating staff in complete charge of outpatient, inpatient, and emergency room, respectively, to channel all resource to international patients 24/7, Ajou University Hospital has started an English Education Classes program, set up a Foreigner-only ward and beds, and developed diverse occidental regimens in order to solve every possible discomfort induced by cultural dissimilarities.

Above all, the International Health Care Center is doing its best to help international patients quickly heal with the help of the top-notch medical staff and medical apparatus.

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