Dean of GSIS

Byeong-Yun Chang


Data Science in Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management

Department Chair of International Business

Chun Suk Yoon

Customer equity, Relationship marketing and Advertisement/Public relations

Department Chair of International Trade
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Tae Bong Kim

Macroeconomics, Time Series Analysis, Bayesian Statistics

Department Chair of NGO Studies & International Development and Cooperation

Hyoung Wook Jeong

NGO, Civil Society, Green Politics, History Politics, East Asian Philosophy

Department Chair of Civil Society Studies

Byoung Kwan Kim

Social Change/Innovation, ,Technology and Society, Cooperation and Society, Design Thinking

Department of International Business

Min Hyung Kang

IT Management, Data Analytics

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Kyung Ho Kim

Corporate Strategy, Environmental Sustainability, CSR, International Business Strategy

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Kimin Kim

Technological Innovation Management, Strategic Management, Cross-cultural Management

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Yong Ki Kim

International Trade, International Finance, Financial Regulation


Min Je Sung

Decision Sciences, Multivariate Data Analysis, Bayesian Analysis, Markov Models, Medical Data Analysis

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Gyoo Cheol Shim

Portfolio Selection, Asset Pricing, Real Option, Agent Problem


Taehun Kim

사진 없음

Cheul Rhee

HCI, Virtual Psychology, ERP, e-Commerce

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Yung Ho Cho


사진 없음

Jae Woon Cho

Distribution Strategy, Big data Analysis

Department of International Trade

Dong Geun Kim

Empirical Studies on Education and Social Well-being

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Sung Hwan Kim

Industrial Organization, Fair Competition, Network Industry


Tae Bong Kim

Macroeconomics, Time Series Analysis, Bayesian Statistics


Young Joon Park

Financial Economy

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Kyung Ho Lee

Theoretical Economics, Social Choice Theory


Hee Gab Choi

Macroeconomics, International Finance

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JungHo Kim

Labor and Demographic Economics, Theory of Economic Development

Department of NGO / International Developement Cooperation / Civil Society Studies
Iain Watson

Shin Goo Kang

Research Methods

Iain Watson

Iain Watson

International Relations, International Political Economy, Asian Geopolitics, Territory and Politics

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Sangseok Bae

Local Finance, Government Accouting, Regional Development

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Han Soo Lee

American Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Behavior, Political Process

Department of Energy Science
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Suduk Kim

Energy and Environmental Economics 


Jae Sung Jung

Power system, New and renewable energy


Hye Young Jang

Homogeneous catalysis, Global warming gas conversion technology, Chemistry, Transition-metal catalysis


Seung Joo Kim

Solid State Chemistry, Energy Materials, Structure-Property Relations

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Soon Tae Kim

Environmental safety Engineering, Atmospheric Environment

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Jae Ick Oh

사진 없음

Seo Yong Kim

Public Administration, Policy Studies

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Sun Sook Kim

Construction Engineering, Building Energy

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Kyo-Beum Lee

Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Power Electronics, Electric Motor Vehicle

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Yun Ho Choi