New Student Scholarship

New Student Scholarship

Scholarship can be awarded subject to grade evaluation each semester by the GSIS Academic Affairs Committee. Amount of Scholarship of Eligibilities are as follows : Please note that the below information is based on 2014 and can be changed each semester depending on circumstances. Please also be careful that the minimum GPA on each scholarship is for students’ reference only and could vary each semester according to students’ performance. If the students got F score in the previous semester, they are not eligible to get any scholarship in the next semester

Ajou Academic Scholarship
Type Minimum Condition for Scholarship Awardee Selection Contents
New Student Scholarship
  • Self-paying students
  • Student with outstanding Academic performance from his/her previous university undergraduate period
  • 100% tuition fee waiver scholarship offered for the first semester to academic excellent students selected during the admission process starting from 2020 Fall semester
50% or 100% waiver of Tuition Fee
Scholarship A
(2nd~4th Semester)
  • Self-paying students
  • Be enrolled in at least 9 credits in the previous semester(excluding Research 1, Research 2, Korean Language course)
  • If students got same GPA in the previous semester, a student took more credits will get the higher scholarship
  • If there are students with same GPA and number of credits, then a student who got higher raw score will get the higher scholarship in each department
  • Students who completed the previous semester's tuition payment by GSIS Guidelines(New Article)
  • Students who purchased the health insurance in the previous semester
100% waiver of Tuition Fee
Scholarship B
(2nd~4th Semester)
75% waiver of Tuition Fee
Scholarship C
(2nd~4th Semester)
50% waiver of Tuition Fee

Estimated Budget per 1 year

Estimated Budget(per 1 year)
Item Estimated Budget(USD)
Tuition USD 9,700 ~ 11,600
USD 3,000
USD 2,400
Textbook and Other Expense
USD 1,500
USD 16,600 ~ 18,500

Admission Fee and Tuition

Fee Information
Tuition after 50% scholarship waiver(USD)/semester
Admission Fee(New Students Only)
KRW 900,000
USD 706
USD 706
M.B.A. (Int'l Business)
KRW 6,363,000
USD 4,991
USD 2,495
M.A. (Int'l Trade, NGO Studies, IDC)
KRW 5,432,000
USD 4,261
USD 2,130
M.A. (Civil Society Studies)
KRW 6,556,000
USD 5,142
USD 2,571
M.Energy Science & Policy (Energy Studies)
KRW 6,556,000
USD 5,142
USD 2,571

[As of December, 2023]

 International Business : M.B.A. degree

 International Trade, NGO Studies, International Development and cooperation, Civil Society Studies : M.A. degree

 Energy Studies : Master of Energy Science and Policy degree

All new students should wire-transfer the fee according to their respective program and the fee information is normally included in the admission package for the students to complete the payment before their arrival to Korea

Account Information for New Students (1st Semester ONLY)
  • Kookmin Bank (Ajou University Branch)
  • Account No.: 808490-29-000295 (For Application Fee )
  • Account No.: 287937-00-001374 (For Admission fee and Tuition Fee )
  • Swift Code: CZNBKRSEXXX
For Current Students

The GSIS Office will announce fee payment information for the current students to complete the payment. GSIS students should come to the office to pick up the bill first and complete the payment at the Kookmin Bank located on the first floor of New Student Union Building.

  • Contact GSIS office for any questions.
  • Email:
  • Tel: 031-219-3597 | Fax: 031-219-1554