Energy Studies

Department of Energy Studies
Master of Energy Science and Policy 

Energy has arisen as an important issue in international society. The global demand for energy resources is increasing; however, energy resources are not easily accessible due to environmental pollution and limited natural resources. These energy problems are largely addressed in the form of policy decisions, technical analyses of innovations, and demonstrations and market expansions in the fields of renewable energy, fossil energy, and nuclear energy. Given the critical importance of energy issues, well-trained and educated experts with multi-disciplinary knowledge of the energy sector are urgently needed both domestically and internationally. The world’s energy problems are complex in nature and are closely related to various social, political, economical, industrial, and environmental issues.Furthermore, understanding energy is directly related to the basic sciences and various engineering disciplines. Therefore, energy experts must possess an understanding of social sciences, basic sciences, and engineering and be able to use their knowledge of these disciplines to create balanced solutions to the world’s energy crises.

The Department of Energy Studies (Energy Science and Policy) in the Graduate School of International Studies at Ajou University, through this master’s degree program, aims to foster the type of advanced workforce needed to address the world’s energy issues. The energy experts fostered through this program will have the skills needed to propose and prioritize policies based on their interpretation of the field of energy technology, as well as their understanding of how engineering, society, and science relate to energy systems as a whole. Graduates of this program will become cornerstones in the development of energy policies in each of their respective countries and will serve important roles in cooperative efforts to address the world’s ever-increasing energy issues.

Course List (Energy Studies)

  • Energy Policy and Economics
  • Energy Technology Perspective
  • Energy Modeling
  • Social Systems, Energy and Policy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Leadership Workshop I
  • Energy Leadership Workshop II
  • Principles in Energy Science
  • Energy System in Modern Society
  • New Energy Industry Initiatives
  • Analysis of Energy Market Environment and Resource Economics
  • Energy and Climate Change
  • Strategies in Energy R&D
  • Sustainability and Fossil Fuel
  • Sustainable Energy Conversion
  • Internship
  • Introduction to Energy System
  • Mathematical Methods for Energy Analysis
  • Research 1
  • Research 2

Research Fields

  • Air Pollution Control
  • Clean Catalytic Chemistry
  • Climate Change
  • CO2 Conversion
  • Energy Economics
  • Energy Model Research
  • Energy Process Engineering
  • Energy Storage Devices
  • Environment Economics • Organic Chemistry
  • Petroleum and Petrochemical Processes
  • Power System
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solid State Chemistry, Energy Materials
  • The Impact of Efficiency Solutions and Renewable Electricity Generation in Remote Areas